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About Us

The Caper Cutters Club offers Mainstream each Monday evening at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church Hall on a beautiful hardwood floor. Click to see map.

The Club was formed in October 1950 by teacher-caller Jack McKay who called through 1969. Keith Gylfe called between 1969 and 1993. Larry Davenport was our caller from 1993 to 2007. We are delighted that Jim Osborne, with 47 years experience, has been our caller since.

The members of Caper Cutters Square Dance Club take pride in our Club's history and are dedicated to preserving American square dancing. Members enjoy the support and fellowship of long-standing friendships with fellow members. We frolic at an annual picnic and costumes are worn at Halloween, and for theme nights such as Hawaiian and Western.

Guests are always welcome. Our guest fee for dancers is $6.00 per person per night. Viewing is free.

Membership in Caper Cutters Club is open to all qualified dancers. Membership includes free admission to our weekly dances. Dues are $50.00 a quarter per person. For more information, click here.

What is Square Dancing?

The earliest American settlers brought square dancing with them to the New World. Over the centuries it evolved into what we know today as American Square Dancing.

Dancers learn the basic steps and movements in dance classes. Four couples form a square and follow the caller's calls synchronized to music. As dancers become comfortable with the formations and movements, they advance to more challenging levels. Callers choose from hundreds of musical scores.

Square dancing is enjoyed around the world from Germany to New Zealand. To standardize the dance, it is always called in English. Our club welcomes visitors from around the globe so do come and share a fun evening of square and round dancing.


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